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Concrete Log and Timber Siding
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#4 - Lincoln
(Red Cedar Brown)
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Low Maintenance
If you have any questions about our products, including installationsamples and prices, please don't hesitate to contact us.
#1 - Western Lodge
(Dark Brown Color)
#2 - Homestead
(Warm Brown Color)
#3 - Chesapeake
(Golden Brown Color)
Beautiful and Durable

ClearCreek's Concrete Log and Timber Siding:

  • Solid insulation core

  • Covered with two layers of fiberglass reinforcing mesh

  • Coated with two layers of fiberglass reinforced concrete 

All corners, window and door trim are made with the same material.

​Color is integral to the final layer of concrete, not painted on, providing a highly fade resistant, deep, mar resistant finish.  Our siding has an R-8 Insulation Value.
#4 - Lincoln
(Red-Brown Color)
Log Siding Profile
Timber Siding Profile
Chinking Colors:
Standard Gray
Siding Color
Available Chinking Options:

Available in four styles: Log and Timber
(Available with or without simulated chinking line)
Chinking Styles:
With simulated chink line
Without simulated chink line
Example of Timber Style in the Homestead color with Limestone Chinking
Note: Colors may vary from website photos.  
Samples are available for color selection.